Frequently Asked Question

Well, there are plenty of questions I am asked several times. Here I try to answer those ones.

Warum ist alles auf Englisch?

Da ich gern viele Menschen erreichen möchte, ist die Seite (bisher) in Englisch verfasst. Mit der Zeit werde ich mich jedoch bemühen, auch deutsche Inhalte bereitzustellen.

Where do you play (next time)? 

Unfortunately I cannot answer this question. So there is no fix schedule or tour plan. When I am in Germany, I often  play in Constance, Dresden or Berlin or the cities between them. Also I am spontaneous and go by the local weather when I look for my next destination. 

When do you play next time in [insert any place]?

See question above. ;-) It seems likely that I stay at one destination for several days, if the weather is good and the people want me to stay. So feel free to tell me about your wishes.

We/I miss you here in [insert any place]. Can you come back?

I do my best to do so! Follow my posts on FB or Twitter to stay updated about my actual tour route.

I know a beautiful place you really HAVE TO PLAY at. Could I tell you about and how?

Yep you can. Please use my suggestions box

Can I engage you?


C'mon! Couldn't I really engage you?

Well, no.. but if you think your event fits my philosophy, please contact my management.

A grand piano on a horse-drawn coach?! What the !#%$ ?

Mission accomplished ;-) 

So tell me more about 'your mission'! How did you get to this idea?

Well, in the historical city of Dresden many street musicians perform. Therefore the rule of changing the location after 30 minutes of play was declared by the local authorities. To meet the requirements with my piano I've looked for a stylish way to do so. The coach-solution is my answer to that problem. =)

That's awesome! Why you don't go on tour with the coach instead?

The coach (and of course the horses) have got their home near the town of Dresden. It is just impracticable to go on tour with them.

Do you publish scores of your tracks?/Do you publish tutorial videos how to play your tracks?

I'm sorry, no I don't. 

How your grand piano deals with the weather?

My piano is a self-made instrument. In my spare time I always try to work on and improve it. The sound is digitally corrected so it cannot be detuned. Unfortunately the grand is not weatherproof. Therefore damages are very likely in rain. I do not use any canopies, because this is not my intention.

Why's your grand that loud?

I tried out different volume settings in different locations. The environment responds positive when a certain volume level is reached.

How do you transport/move your instrument?

I use a special car trailer with a simple cable winch system. So I don't need any help to move the piano.

Where Klavierkunst stays overnight?

The piano sleeps in its trailer and I in a hotel or at a friends' couch

Why the piano stool is slanted and your feet are crossed?

It's just comfortable =)

Why there is no canopied solution when it is rainy?

Because, it's my intention only to play when the weather is fine.

What distinguishes Klavierkunst from ordenary street music?

Klavierkunst emphasizes special landscapes and architectures with own compositions.

    There should be complied the following three conditions for a location:
  1. Plenty of free room. Also no residences within 300 meters around the location.
  2. At ground level and accessible by car.
  3. Special landscape/architecture

Why there's a smartphone on the piano?

I don't write down any scores. So if I figure out something new, during my performance, I am able to record it immediately. Also I am able to listen to previous compositions to get them back in my mind.

So there are no scores yet?

Not now. Maybe in the future ;)

Why your CD cases are made of simple paper?

It's an hommage to grammophone records and for environmental reasons.

How's playing possible in winter time?

There are some heating elements built in the piano. With the help of these I am able to play down to -10 degrees Celsius.

Why Klavierkunst and not Davide Martello?

Klavierkunst means piano art. Art is the protagonist, surrounding us - the architecture, the landscape. This is the medium of the sounds and acoustics. The grand piano is just the tool for it. Therefore piano art.

Why your official concerts are that rare?

Because with fixed play dates and locations the freedom and possibility of longer term and spontaneous decisions repeals. Right now travelling is more important for me than planning.

My question isn't answered yet. Help?!

Please contact me via Facebook or write me ( on paper). But please note:

Why do you ignore requests and messages?

I just don't have the time to do all this administrative stuff while being on tour. I try my best to answer all messages as soon as possible. If you've got an offical request, please contact my management.